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Cartoon gif. Against a gold background, cartoon Babs Bunny looks dreamily into the camera and brings her cheek to her shoulder. She bats her eyelashes. and her long ears flop down. She's surrounded by beating red cartoon hearts--she's in love!Slap Love GIF by felat delibaltaTV gif. A couple share a passionate kiss and desperately draw each other near in a red-lit room.Music video gif. Brown-haired man and woman from video for 3 Doors Down "Let Me Go" kiss passionately outside.Luv You GIF by Chispa AppCartoon gif. Against a yellow background, a shiny red heart with a face blows a kiss with a white gloved hand. A heart appears in the air, serving as the kiss.Digital illustration gif. Red heart vibrates against a beige background with blinking green text that reads, "Te amo." A Chispa logo appears in the bottom corner.SpongeBob gif. Patrick lies on his stomach, pink legs kicking back and forth behind him in the air. His cheeks rest on his hands as he gazes with wide, longing eyes. Pixelated pink hearts beat around him. Text gif. A layered heart with white, pink, then yellow forms, followed by the text "Te amo" on top against a black background.Stop motion gif. A red rose sheds it petals before they shift around to form a pulsing heart love relationship GIFSan Valentin Love GIF by Kika TechDisney gif. An animation of redrawn sketches from Bambi. A female rabbit kisses Thumper, and his ears twist around each other in surprise. A large red heart grows and shrinks in the background.Digital art gif. A hand is cupping a heart in its palms. The heart has hooded eyes and it sticks its tongue out to lap it up and down slowly.Text gif. Against a red background with a series of hand-drawn pink and red hearts reads the message, “Te Amo.”Video gif. Two men are in the middle of a lovely kiss and they both begin to smile as the kiss lingers on.Kawaii gif. A happy, shiny heart with a closed-eye smiley face pulses as pink and red heart shapes expand behind it to fill the background. TV gif. Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey and Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay in Chicago PD lay in bed with each other and smile as they kiss. Video gif. Blue parakeet stand on a stack of gray and red felt fabric, turning slowly to look at us as it holds a red paper heart in its beak.  Digital art gif. A bubble-like heart with iridescent pink, purple, and blue hues spins upward against a blue backdrop. Heart Love GIFDigital art gif. Thousands of shiny, red 3D hearts that look like hard candies fall down into a red background. San Valentin Dia Del Amor GIFText gif. Concentric red and pink rings throb within bubbly letters that spell out "I love you" against a purple background.Wildlife gif. A monkey holds its arm out, and another monkey runs in for a hug.
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