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Music video gif. Brown-haired man and woman from video for 3 Doors Down "Let Me Go" kiss passionately outside.Cartoon gif. Ruby from the TV show "Lucas and Friends" blows a big kiss to us. Ruby is a purple bunny with a pink nose and floppy ears that look like pigtails tied with pink bows.Disney gif. An animation of redrawn sketches from Bambi. A female rabbit kisses Thumper, and his ears twist around each other in surprise. A large red heart grows and shrinks in the background.TV gif. A couple share a passionate kiss and desperately draw each other near in a red-lit kiss GIFBlack And White Love GIFMolang gif. An absurdly round cartoon bunny blows a kiss.Digital illustration gif. Pink cartoon lips on a yellow background make a smooching motion. Black text across the lips reads, "Muaah!'Movie gif. A minion from Despicable Me smiles as he pulls himself close to us. He makes a kissy face and closes his eyes as he kisses us.TV gif. A dark black-and-white scene from The Vampire Diaries of a man and woman kissing.Valentines Day Kiss GIF by Shalita GrantValentines Day Kiss GIF by Shalita GrantVideo gif. Closeup of two cats, one black and white, and one calico. The black and white cat lays its head in front of the calico cat who licks it all over, really loving on it. Movie gif. Patrick Renna as Hamilton 'Ham' in Sandlot blows a kiss in slow motion and waves dramatically with longing eyes.Wgn America Love GIF by UndergroundDisney gif. A short-haired Rapunzel in Tangled grabs Finn by the collar and pulls him in for a kiss.TV gif. James Franco as Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks hugs Busy Phillips as Kim Kelly from behind and bites her nose playfully. She pulls back from him, wincing in slight pain.I Love You Yes GIF by Canticos WorldHappy I Love You GIF by jerseycoupleMusic video gif. Taylor swift in the Blank Space music video is on top of a man in a suit and tie. His eyes are closed as she bites his lips sensually. Digital illustration gif. Chibi Pokémon Pikachu leans in to kiss Piplup who is tucked in under a blanket and snoring softly. A heart floats up and away after each kiss. Scooby Doo Love GIF by Boomerang OfficialRose Kissing GIFVideo game gif. Birdo smooches a resistant Super Mushroom repeatedly.Taraji P Henson Kiss GIF by HULU
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