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Rescue Dogs Look Ready for Easter Egg Hunt
Adorable Koala Scratches an Itch
Cute Monkey is Ready for Mardi Gras

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Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey looks around with a content expression standing among pine trees and snowcapped mountains in the distant background. He cracks a can of beer as a deer, owl, and squirrel pop into frame as Downey looks at us with confused acceptance. Text, "Sounds like happy hour."Video gif. An owl spins its head around 180 degrees to look at us with calculating yellow eyes before spinning its head back.Video gif. Fluffy orange cat lounges on its side on a black laptop, looking at us then doing a long drawn-out meow.Video gif. A young girl snuggles in bed with her sleeping dog as she pets its head. Eventually she smiles at us, then reaches down to pet its neck.Dog What GIF by MOODMANVideo. Adorable monkey swimming in a river combs its hair with its fingers, looking pleased with itself. Text, “I’m fabulous.”Video gif. Altered video features a cute baby elephant wearing pink Converse shoes as she sprints on a sped-up loop.Video gif. Excited tiger stares intensely as it snarls its lips and bares its teeth in a growl.discovery channel lol GIFVideo gif. Cute brown dachshund rides a skateboard on the street, looking around in confusion.Video gif. An adorable baby goat bounces through a grassy field happily towards us, stopping to look inquisitively. Text, “Hi.”Cat Tail GIFVideo gif. A miniature poodle stands on their hind legs and wobbles around to keep their balance. Their two front paws are bent at the front and it looks like they're doing the two-step as they perform for their treat.Cats Funny Animals GIFVideo gif. Closeup of a dog at the wheel of a moving car who turns casually to look over its shoulder at us.Cat Hairstyle GIFSnow Winter GIFVideo gif. A black dog lifts its front paws and wraps them around a white dog like he’s hugging him. The black dog presses his head against the white dog to get closer and the white dog doesn't seem to mind. Video gif. Group of penguins hop together as they chase a butterfly that flies above them.bear playing GIFVideo gif. Two large walruses weigh down a small sailboat floating in the water.Bird Chicken GIFDance Bird GIFAnimated GIFanimal fail GIF
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