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Michael Sprays Champagne
Michael is Happy

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Movie gif. A crowd of Minions from Minions 2: Rise of Gru scream and cheer with excitement. The Simpsons gif. Homer Simpson throws his fists into the air jubilantly, saying, "Whoo-hoo!"Celebrity gif. Kamie Crawford smiles wide and shimmies as she claps her hands like she's bubbling over with excitement.Movie gif. A sloth from Zootopia takes an extra long time to make an extra big smile.The Office gif. John Krasinski as Jim spins then blows a kiss towards us.The Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin pops up from her seat and starts violently fist pumping the air and yelling out in immense excitement.Friends gif. Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe and Jennifer Aniston as Rachel jump up and down, smiling and clapping their hands exuberantly at something offscreen. SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob and Patrick simultaneously raising their arms and smiling with extreme glee.Reality TV gif. Supermodel Heidi Klum excitedly claps and dances in a cloud of confetti on America's Got Talent. Cartoon gif. Elephant and Piggie from Mo Willems" Elephant and Piggie series dance excitedly with happy expressions. "Yay" text flashes as they move against a background that alternates between yellow and green. The Office gif. (From left to right) Darryl, Kevin and Oscar dance around wildly in celebration.TV gif. A happy pig holds two pinwheels out the window of a moving car.The Office gif. An overjoyed Leslie David Baker as Stanley beams and declares "I really couldn't be happier!"Reality TV gif. Kailia Posey on Toddlers and Tiaras sits in a room full of sparkly, extravagant tiaras. She looks away from us with big eyes and a cheeky smile.Happy Lets Go GIF by NHLMeme gif. Jonah Hill as Aaron in Get Him To The Greek wide-mouth smiles and screams delightedly, shaking his hands next to his face, as he turns back and forth. TV gif. Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day on New Girl sits in front of her laptop at a table. She looks at the screen and raises her fists up in excitement.Happy Sesame Street GIF by Muppet WikiCelebrity gif. Victoria Justice does a happy dance, waving her fists in the air while jumping and grinning.Movie gif. Jeff Bridges as the Dude in Big Lebowski wearing sunglasses, banging the roof like he's vibin' and drivin'.Video gif. A person dressed in a flower costume, where their body is the green stalk and their face is the flower. They punch the air while rainbows and stars stream out of their fists. Text, "Aww, Yeah!"Video gif. Green gnome in sunglasses is grooving and raising their arms in the air, wearing a neon pink one piece thong.Cartoon gif. Jerry the brown mouse dances excitedly arm in arm with Quacker, a yellow bird. They kick their legs as they dance in a circle. TV gif. Cobie Smulders as Robin and Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on How I Met Your Mother jump together, laughing and smiling in excitement. Barney holds a champagne bottle that is spraying a large stream of champagne everywhere.Disney gif. Elsa from Frozen looks left and right with anticipation and shivers with excitement.
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