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Morning, sunshine!
Puppy Proud to Bring Can Koozie
Good Morning - Hrithik Roshan - Audio Clip
Here's a Smile for You!

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Video gif. A close-up of a white dog with sprigs of tiny flowers on its head as it appears to smile with squinty eyes and teeth bared. Movie gif. Donkey from Shrek looks at us smiling and blinking innocently. Movie gif. John Candy as Uncle Buck turns his head and gives a cheesy grin.The Grinch Smile GIF by PeacockReality TV gif. Kailia Posey on Toddlers and Tiaras sits in a room full of sparkly, extravagant tiaras. She looks away from us with big eyes and a cheeky smile.Fun Smile GIF by echilibrultauMovie gif. Mark Wahlberg as Dale in "The Family Plan" turns to look back over his shoulder at us with a sarcastic smirk on his face and gives a quick wink. Video gif. A man outdoors, holding a fishing pole,  looks over his shoulder and a smile grows on his face. He then nods in approval. Video gif. A man turns and faces us with a pleased smile. He wipes his hands together as if a job has been done. Sports gif. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in the WWE ring. His bald head glistening, he breaks into a wide and mischievous smile. He's about to throw down in the best way.Celebrity gif. Mike Tyson slowly turns his head and looks straight at us. A smile crosses his faces and he nods lightly. Video gif. A white and brown spotted dog looks at the camera. It’s mouth spreads into a large smile that reveals large, white human teeth. TV gif. A scene from Hawaii Five-O. Terry O'Quinn as Joe wearing a green baseball cap smiles warmly and looks away. happy nicole kidman GIFReality TV gif. Joey McIntyre, on Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block, smiles a toothy grin at us and points to his dimples with his fingers.TV gif. Steve Harvey on Steve Harvey TV. He looks shocked but then points at his mouth and waves his hands over his face and his normal grinning face is back in place.Movie gif. Jack Black as Ignacio in Nacho Libre looks towards the camera with a small, tight grin, and then looks away awkwardly, pressing his lips against his teeth. Video gif. A cute rabbit smiles in an exaggerated, almost human way. Another rabbit smiles back. Movie gif. Willem Dafoe smiles at us, looking very unhinged.Reality TV gif. Stephanie Chen in The Great American Baking Show cracks a wide smile.Happy Sun GIFVideo gif. A light orange dog, ears flopped to both sides, narrows its eyes and positions its snout in a shy cartoon smile.Video gif. Mitra Jouhari, an American comedian, slowly looks down and gives us an evil smile.Celebrity gif. Anna Kendrick smiles exuberantly, then squints as she turns her head slightly.dream on smile GIF by Paul McCartney
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