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Go Grizzlies
Fur Sure!
Bears Put Their Feet Up as They Settle in For Winter at New York Sanctuary
Raiding Bear Leaves Slobbery Sugar for Campers

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Bear Scratching Back GIF by Storyfulbear GIFVideo gif. A giant bear is sitting behind a gate and they see us. They look directly at us as they raise a paw and wave hello, very cutely and rather derpy. scared bear GIFGIF by Nat Geo WildIce Cream Eating GIFWildlife gif. Brown bear on hind legs waves his paw. Text, "Have a good day!"bear GIFWildlife gif. A bear lies on its side between some rocks. It holds up its hand as if waving to us, then lies down like it's ready to sleep.Dance Bear GIFWork Working GIF by jjjjjohnVideo gif. The New York Institute of Technology mascot, a yellow bear in a jersey holds his hands together in prayer. Text, “Please donate!”Bear Have A Good Day GIFWildlife gif. A friendly-looking brown bear emphatically waves his paw hello from behind a wire fence. Text, "Hello!"Teddy Bear GIF by Best in MiniatureOrganized Crime Nbc GIF by Law & Orderpanda bear drinking GIFBear Walking GIFPbs Nature Bear GIF by Nature on PBSbear playing GIFpolar bear GIFbear tripping GIFfall down black bear GIFscared how i met your mother GIF by hoppipPolar Bear Wave GIF
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