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TV gif. Think about it guy, Kayode Ewumi points to his temple mischievously and looks into the camera. He's practically begging us to think about it.Celebrity gif. A close up of Rodney Dangerfield’s face as multiple random math equations float around his head. He looks around like he’s trying to understand and connect the dots, but can't seem to fully grasp it. TV gif. Tyler Sean Labine as Doctor Iggy Frome from New Amsterdam leans back in a chair with his arms propped up high on arm rests. His eyebrows are knotted and he blinks quickly as he thinks hard. He brings his hand up to his face to rest his face as he contemplates.Think Winnie The Pooh GIFthink jennifer lopez GIF by NBC World Of DanceCelebrity gif. A repeating array of pensive Nick Jonases.Digital art gif. Multiple thinking emojis appear and fade, crossing over and behind one another for dramatic effect.Video gif. A man looks around confusedly while raising a fake arm that he's shoved into his jacket sleeve to scratch his forehead.TV gif. Gerbert the puppet purses his lips and rubs his chin as he says, "Hmm."Thinking Think GIF by Big BrotherSesame Street gif. Elmo on Sesame Street taps his mouth with a finger as if deep in thought as he glances around. Disney gif. Mickey from Mickey's 90th Spectacular clutches his head and scratches as he ponders the situation. We zoom into his face and as he figures it out, his eyes popping open.Video gif. Astronaut in full gear leans to the side, pointing a finger to the temple slowly in a gesture of wisdom.Side Hustle Think GIF by NickelodeonThink Winnie The Pooh GIFTV gif. David Boreanaz as Jason on SEAL Team nods slowly and his eyes move from left to right subtly. Text, "Hmm."Confused Stare GIF by Reba McEntireThink About It GIF by Lil YachtyThink About It GIF by Pierce The VeilThink About It GIF by DayglowTV gif. Tyler Labine as Kevin in Deadbeat. He looks at something inquisitively and puts a hand to his mouth as he ponders.Think About It GIF by DallasKSNL gif. Ben Marshall shakes his head in shock and confusion, looking as if he's attempting to erase the thought he has. He gently rubs his forehead as he continues to think.deep thought think GIF by YultronThink Season 8 GIF by One Chicago
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