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TV gif. Wearing a backwards pink baseball cap and a dark blue blazer, Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gives us a suspicious look with a hand over his mouth and chin.Celebrity gif. Jackie Fabulous holding a microphone purses her lips and glances around as if deep in thought. Sports gif. Will Ferrell pensively strokes his chin while watching a basketball game, then stares coldly at us.Cartoon gif. Batman from the old cartoon rubs his chin and squints his eyes as he thinks hard.Celebrity gif. Oprah sits with her hand under her chin, frowning slightly and blinking.The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott leans towards us with raised eyebrows, placing his chin on his hands like he's framing an innocent face. TV gif. Appearing on Portlandia, Patton Oswalt raises his eyebrows and shrugs as if to say, “well…maybe.”Sports gif. James Harden looks around confused, scratching his head with a finger, his mouth pulled to one side.Cartoon gif. Inspector Gadget raises an eyebrow in contemplation as a mechanical hand strokes his chin.SpongeBob SquarePants gif. Patrick with his fist curled up, deep in thought, with SpongeBob, also contemplative, as the pair stand in a living room.Video gif. A man with a goatee in a plaid suit jacket purses his lips to give us a skeptical look.Movie gif. Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu in Star Wars Episode 1 slowly moves his hand up and rubs his chin as thinks with a serious expression on his face. Video gif. A closeup of a puzzled-looking man with a beard, who holds a hand to his forehead and looks around.Movie gif. Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz from Clueless deeply ponders at her desk while loosely holding her fuzzy pink pen. She exhales softly before returning her attention back to class.Cartoon gif. Standing in an environment resembling a circuit board, Chris in Bravest Warriors frowns pensively, cradling his chin with his hand.TV gif. David Boreanaz as Jason on SEAL Team nods slowly and his eyes move from left to right subtly. Text, "Hmm."Celebrity gif. Jennifer Aniston, in the Thinker position, nods, considering. Text, "hmm, interesting."Sesame Street gif. Elmo on Sesame Street taps his mouth with a finger as if deep in thought as he glances around. Celebrity gif. Nicki Minaj’s eyes flick back and forth inquisitively as she mouths, “hmmm.”Season 1 Episode 3 GIF by SHOWTIMEDigital art gif. The thinking emoji with a finger gun to the chin is 3D rendered and we see all angles of the emoji, front, back, spinning left and right, upside down, multiplied, and zoomed in. They are in extremely deep thought.Spongebob Squarepants Wtf GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls frowns and gives a quizzical look at someone while chewing.Video gif. Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance as Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy giving discerning, thoughtful looks.Movie gif. Samuel L Jackson as Jules in Pulp Fiction. He's standing in a room thinking and a smile stretches over his face as he figures it out. Then, he brings a hand to his mouth to stroke his chin gently.
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