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Celebrity gif. Denzel Washington is being interviewed on a Red Carpet event. He looks away with tight lips and rubs his chin as he ponders the question he’s been asked.Confused Tv Show GIF by LaffSeason 3 Wonder GIF by The SimpsonsVideo gif. A man with a goatee in a plaid suit jacket purses his lips to give us a skeptical look.The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight stands in pensive thought. Text. "Hmmm"Lord Farquaad Ok GIF by PeacockTVCartoon gif. Inspector Gadget raises an eyebrow in contemplation as a mechanical hand strokes his chin.Celebrity gif. Judy Garland shrugs her shoulders and raises her eyebrows while cocking her head as she considers.Adam Driver Thinking GIF by PBS SoCalJohn Cena Reaction GIF by WWECelebrity gif. The Singer Her looks up with her hand on her hip and scratches her head with her other hand, a confused look on her face. Question marks move up and down like on conveyor belts in the background.Digital art gif. From Jean August Dominique Ingres’ Jupiter and Thetis, we see the serious face of bearded Jupiter raising his eyebrows as the hand of Thetis rubs his chin, making it appear that he is pondering something.Digital art gif. The thinking emoji with a finger gun to the chin is 3D rendered and we see all angles of the emoji, front, back, spinning left and right, upside down, multiplied, and zoomed in. They are in extremely deep thought.Confused Whats Up GIF by ABC NetworkConfused Uh Huh GIF by Bouncesexy kiss me GIFAstroon what school confused huh GIFTV gif. Looking thoughtful, William Shatner as Captain Kirk in Star Trek rubs his chin as if he is considering something.louis tomlinson hm GIFHm Ok GIF by Cyril BlondelVideo gif. Man wearing a black shirt ponders something, then nods is if to say, “If you say so.”Celebrity gif. Prince in the New Power Generation music video moves a teacup c\up to his mouth to take a sip, but then pauses. He looks as if he’s surprised as he blinks and jerks his head a bit. Video gif. Person wears a mask that looks like a Shibu Inu. The mask is looking to its side and wears sunglasses. The person strokes under the mask’s chin like they’re thinking hard.I Think Girl GIF by NRK P3Celebrity gif. Waka Flocka Flame rolls his eyes, making a subtly disgusted facial expression during an interview on The People Vs.
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