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Celebrity gif. Nick Cannon rubs his chin as if he is pondering something interesting.SpongeBob SquarePants gif. Patrick with his fist curled up, deep in thought, with SpongeBob, also contemplative, as the pair stand in a living room.Think Episode 9 GIF by NBCTell Me More Jeff Goldblum GIF by National Geographic ChannelRocking Will Smith GIF by MaxThe Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight stands in pensive thought. Text. "Hmmm"hmmm GIFSarah Hyland Thinking GIF by BuzzFeedDigital art gif. From Jean August Dominique Ingres’ Jupiter and Thetis, we see the serious face of bearded Jupiter raising his eyebrows as the hand of Thetis rubs his chin, making it appear that he is pondering something.Interested Season 10 GIF by Curb Your EnthusiasmCelebrity gif. Looking perplexed, Ludvig Lewin purses his lips and says, “hmmm.” Then takes a deep breath.Reality TV gif. Bobby Berk on Blown Away raises an eyebrow and turns his head as if interested. Celebrity gif. The Singer Her looks up with her hand on her hip and scratches her head with her other hand, a confused look on her face. Question marks move up and down like on conveyor belts in the background.Video gif. Yvng Swag strokes his chin as he bobs slightly back and forth. Pink text scrolling down the purple background reads, "Hmm."Cartoon gif. Mushroom creature, with a red and white-spotted cap, has his head cocked sideways and looks up, tapping his face contemplatively. Text above him reads "Hmm..."Cartoon gif. Inspector Gadget raises an eyebrow in contemplation as a mechanical hand strokes his chin.Duck Dynasty Flirt GIF by DefyTVDigital art gif. Several thinking emojis with the finger under the chin glides around and fades away as if they're all in deep contemplation. Sports gif. James Harden looks around confused, scratching his head with a finger, his mouth pulled to one side.TV gif. Actor Anthony Anderson on Brain Games skeptically scrunches up his face.loop perfect loops GIFSuspicious Suspect GIF by Paul McCartneyConfused Episode 7 GIF by Wrexham AFCDoja Cat Laughing GIF by Apple MusicMovie gif. Shrek shrugs his shoulders in acquiescence and smiles contentedly.
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