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Congrats Celebrate GIF by Sesame StreetText gif. The word congratulations appears written on the screen in cursive font against a background of yellow, pink and blue popping polka dots.Kawaii gif. A corgi puppy wears a party hat. He closes his eyes and smiles excitedly as he pops a party popper. Confetti flies out of it and his tail wags. Text, “Yeah.”The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute jumps up and fist pumps the air in pure excitement as if the best thing in his life has just happened. People stand behind him, not joining him in that same excitement. Text reads: “Congratulations!”Video gif. Person in sunglasses dressed head-to-toe in a colorful flower costume. They toss their arms as the word "Yeah!" appears. The humanoid flower then multiplies into three flowers, flexing a bicep in unison. Text flashes, "You Did It"Sport Win GIF by Holler StudiosTV gif. A group of sheep from Shaun the Sheep all stand together nodding their heads and clapping to congratulate.Digital art gif. A plaque reads, "University of Kick Ass, Diploma. Congratulations!" and stars shimmer beside it.The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael on The Office sprays a bottle of champagne over Ellie Kemper as Erin Hannon. Michael wears a goofy large party hat and shakes the bottle around for more champagne to spray out. Erin dances and waves her arms around excitedly as she’s getting sprayed. The flashing text reads, “Congrats!”Tonight Show gif. Jimmy Fallon claps enthusiastically while looking down and laughing and he walks towards the camera as he claps. He blows a two handed kiss at us.Movie gif. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby raises a champagne glass in a celebratory toast as fireworks explode behind him.Movie gif. An audience of Minions from Despicable Me cheers, claps, and gives thumbs up. Text, "Congratulations!"Movie gif. Energetic as always, Will Ferrell as Buddy from Elf bursts into a store and cheers. Text, "You did it! Congratulations!" Then, an older man sits to his right and looks him over with indifference.Digital art gif. Light and dark blue balloons with stars and dots on them floating up, while one balloon pauses in the middle with the word "yay!" on it.TV gif. Jane Lynch as Sue on Glee very seriously says to the camera, “outstanding.”TV gif. Tina Fey as Liz on 30 Rock smiles and gives herself a high five.Video gif. Joe Biden gives a cool smile as he mouths the words below, "Congratulations, man."Digital art gif. Colorful confetti rains down behind seesawing text that says, "Congrats."TV gif. Steve Harvey as host of Family Feud, in a blue plaid suit, claps reservedly, his lips pursed.Illustrated gif. A cute avocado with a pleased expression stands in the middle with their arms outstretched overhead, clapping and cheering. In the background, the text reads, "Bravocado."Reality TV gif. Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent raises his hands as if excited. Text, "Brilliant! Well done!"TV gif. Nick Offerman as Ron in Parks and Recreation beams at someone and smiles under a thick mustache. Text, "I'm really proud of you."Movie gif. Eddie Murphy as Axel in Beverly Hills Cop looks over his shoulder and smiles with an open mouth as he holds up an enthusiastic OK with his hand. Illustrated gif. An orange cat stands in front of a big white sign. The cat has a big grin and cheers for us. He puts his arms up and then gives up a big thumbs up. Text, “Yay! Well done! You did it! Clap! You can chill now!”Cartoon gif. Between the words "You are otterly amazing!", we see an otter floating on its back in water. A crown falls onto the otter's head, and the word "congratulations!" slides out from behind it.
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