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TV gif. A tired Po from Teletubbies collapses onto the grass.Cartoon gif. Wireframe animation over a black background shows a perfect loop of a person diving into a grave, like a swimmer into a pool. The headstone displays, "RIP."TV gif. Seth Meyers as host of Late Night looks at us with a straight face as he crosses his arms over his chest like a corpse and leans back. Celebrity gif. Musician Harry Styles lays in a tangled heap on the floor next to an overturned scooter. Reality TV gif. Leona Lewis on Queen of the Universe laughs and covers her big smile before saying "I'm Dead!"Illustrated gif. A figure runs up a hill and scoops out earth, jumps in the hole, and gets buried, then pops up from a gravestone that says "me."Video gif. A man falls out of his office chair, his hands on his head in frustration and his body contorting uncomfortably as he falls to the ground. He's big mad.Schitt’s Creek gif. Giving up, a dramatic Catherine O'Hara as Moira rolls her eyes and falls back on her bed.Video gif. Wink Martindale stares at the camera with dead, almost crossed eyes, and a weird smile. The image jitters like an old tv screen, but the man does not move or even blink. On the bottom, the text reads: “1-800-235-DEAD” like it’s an ad for a law practice. Sad Halloween GIF by This GIF Is HauntedVideo gif. A woman in a bright yellow skirt suit clutches her chest and falls to the ground dramatically. Girl, you good?Video gif. A man lies deadpan on the floor. The view spins as it moves farther away from him.Star Wars gif. R2D2 falls straight onto the ground, and the word "dead" appears in the Star Wars font.TV gif. Animated Peter Griffin of Family guy stands on a stair landing as he twists his neck and drops to the floor dead.  Cartoon gif. With hearts on either side of her head, a chattering skeleton with a feminine hairstyle holds a cup of coffee in one hand and a smartphone in the other. Text, "OMG, I'm like literally dead."TV gif. Kevin James as Doug Heffernan in King of Queens stands on a floor cushion in workout clothes. He drops to his knees and face plants into the cushion like he's completely exhausted.Video gif. A little girl lies face down on the floor. With one hand, she clings to the pole of a small, rotating carousel, and is dragged in a circle.Tonight Show gif. Elmo from Sesame Street wobbles a bit before fainting.Disney gif. Cartoon Pinocchio lays face first in a shallow pool of water with his legs sprawled out like he’s dead. Movie gif. Jean-Claude Van Damme as Chance from Hard Target has grabbed his enemy, a snake, and wins the battle by punching it unconscious.Celebrity gif. Lea Michele raises both hands and flips her palms over with a matter of fact expression. Text, "And now I'm dead."Robin Williams Film GIFVideo gif. Woman sits at a computer and clicks on a mouse. She stares at the computer screen and two spouts of water fall out of both her eyes and fall right into two glass cups.Cartoon gif. A very short skeleton and a very tall skeleton stomp their feet and wiggle their arms in the middle of a graveyard. The tall one’s arms and legs look like noodles. Wildlife gif. A domestic Hermann's tortoise flops face-first off of his hiding log with his little feet in the air behind him.
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