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What About Donald?
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They Call It Super Tuesday For A Reason

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Digital art gif. Animated Daffy Duck, Ariel, and Winnie the Pooh dance together in front of a graffitied wall. Scrooge Mcduck Trump GIFVideo gif. At a presidential debate, Donald Trump stands behind a podium, narrows his eyes and takes a sip of water from a clear glass.Disney gif. Retro animation of Donald Duck walking along happily while counting money.Political gif. Donald Trump nods his head. He smiles smugly as he glances to the side.Political gif. Donald Trump’s head retracts into his neck with a confused expression on his face. He then juts his head out and leans forward. He pops his eyebrows up and then looks over to the side with a smirk on his face. Trump then stands up straight again while closing his eyes. He opens his eyes and then his mouth like he’s gasping at something shocking. donald trump lol GIF by Animation Domination High-DefPolitical gif. Donald Trump during a presidential debate leans into the microphone with a serious face and says, “wrong.”fun trump GIFPolitical gif. Trump at a microphone, his eyes closed and his lips pursed, rocks his head back and forth in a perfect loop. Digital art gif. The face of an enraged, shouting Donald Trump superimposed onto the body of a very large dancer, dressed in a leotard, shimmying and posing.Not Happening No Way GIF by Mickey MouseDonald Duck Disney GIFSports gif. Vince McMahon stands next to a wrestling ring as a referee lays on the ring floor, holding onto the ropes. Suddenly a man in a suit rushes up and slams Vince into the ground, punching his forehead several times. The man gets off of Vince, leaving him on the ground, and walks away. It is then revealed that the man walking away is Donald Trump.donald farm GIFdonald duck disney GIFVoting Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016Politics gif. Donald Trump behind a mic, raises his index finger and opens his mouth, about to speak, then drops his hand and closes his mouth.Celebrity gif. Donald Glover looks at the camera with a still grimacing expression. He tugs on the collar of his shirt and winces.trump day GIFPolitical gif. Donald Trump, during a debate, stands at a podium and runs his pointer finger across his top lip and scratches next to his nose.Donald Duck GIFdonald trump GIFComedy Central Reaction GIFTV gif. Donald Glover looks at something fearfully, his eyes wide and his face unmoving,.
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