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I was rooting for US!
I Can't Believe It
God Damn Traitor

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TV gif. Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia closes his eyes as he rubs his temples before one eye pops open.Frustrated Head GIFAngry Chicken GIF by happydogTV gif. Kate Walsh leans over to someone and looks at them with a completely enraged face. She holds her hands up and bears them like claws. sheโ€™s going to tear them apart. Frustrated Adam Sandler GIF by PeacockTVAngry Denzel Washington GIFTV gif. A little girl angrily shakes a purple hairbrush at us, while a white poodle next to her doesn't seem to have strong feelings about the issue.Video gif. A man falls out of his office chair, his hands on his head in frustration and his body contorting uncomfortably as he falls to the ground. He's big mad.Reality TV gif. An irritated Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol does a facepalm of sorts as he rubs his eyes.Disney gif. Anger from Inside Out clenches his fists in rage before the top of his head explodes upward in a pyre of flames. Fear cowers behind him.Disney gif. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch grimaces and claws at his eyelids.Frustrated Jim Carrey GIFFrustrated Community GIFCelebrity gif. Ryan Gosling face palms into his hands, rubbing his eyebrows and eyes in frustration like he just heard the most annoying thing ever. Celebrity gif. Jack Nicholson sits in the audience of a sports game. He wears tinted sunglasses and looks at the game with darting eyes. His mouth is slightly open as if bored.Frustrated The Office GIFFrustrated Austin Powers GIFfrustrated toy story 4 GIF by Walt Disney StudiosTV gif. Wearing a teal pullover, Courtney Stodden from Couples Therapy shows us she just can't right now as she leans back in her seat and covers her face.frustrated parks and recreation GIFOver It Help GIF by WE tvfrustrated GIFFrustrated GIFFrustrated New Girl GIFCelebrity gif. Robert Downey Jr. is being interviewed and he's speechless, unsure of what to say. He opens his mouth and closes it and reaches a hand out and takes it back and clutches his hair in frustration.
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