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Competitive Eater Scoffs 12 Heart-Shaped Donuts in Valentine's Day Challenge
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Kawaii gif. A happy, shiny heart with a closed-eye smiley face pulses as pink and red heart shapes expand behind it to fill the background. Celebrity gif. Jason Momoa looks at us with a warm smile as he forms his hands into a heart shape. He then places his hands under his chin before going back to forming the heart.Digital art gif. A continuous loop of neon hearts changing in color grows towards us.Digital art gif. Neon hearts grow in rainbow colors and sizes as they radiate from a black background. Molang gif. An absurdly round cartoon bunny blows a kiss.Digital art gif. A hand is cupping a heart in its palms. The heart has hooded eyes and it sticks its tongue out to lap it up and down slowly.Cartoon gif. Against a yellow background, a shiny red heart with a face blows a kiss with a white gloved hand. A heart appears in the air, serving as the kiss.Celebrity gif. Jack Harlow on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon makes a heart with his hands at the audience. Illustrated gif. A cute teddy bear pulls open his arms, holding a string of pink hearts towards us. Hearts appear and pop in the air above him.Love You Heart GIF by NETFLIXDigital art gif. Thousands of shiny, red 3D hearts that look like hard candies fall down into a red background. Stop-motion gif. A knitted gnome uses pink yarn to knit a small heart that floats up when it's finished.TV gif. Melissa McCarthy on Nobodies looks up with loving eyes and forms her hands into a heart shape.Illustrated gif. A red heart smiling and doing the flossing dance move. Text, "you make my heart floss."Digital art gif. A large red heart beats forward and away from us.Cartoon gif. Donald Duck is leaning against a wall and he's giving himself resuscitation as hearts flood out from his chest and eyes.Cartoon gif. Pink and red hearts from a center heart pulse out like heart shaped ripples.  Digital compilation gif. Creeping vine forms the shape of a heart as red flowers grow around it. An arrow made out of red flowers flies through the heart against a blue cloudy sky. Video gif. Black-and-white video of human heart pulsating.Digital art gif. A heart-shaped disco ball rotates in a circle, reflecting a rainbow of colors.Digital art gif. Several watercolor hearts jitter in place.Digital art gif. We zoom in on an dizzying contagion of concentric hearts in red, pink, yellow, blue, and green. They twist and turn, then right themselves again.TV gif. Jerry from Tom and Jerry has been cornered in a teacup. His heart beats out of his chest, and when he casually pushes it back in, it pops out on the other side.Video gif. A little parrotlet is standing on a small stage and it turns around, holding a paper heart in its mouth for us.Cartoon gif. A red 3D rendered heart pulsates against a blue background.
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