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Celebrity gif. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters leans onto an old fence and turns to speak to someone. He has a worried, pleading look on his face as he says, “help me.” Help Me 90S GIF by Offline Granny!Video gif. A kitten in a cheerleading costume calls for help from the branches of a pine tree.Wildlife gif. A panda climbs up the back of another and steps on its head as it scales a large tree.Video gif. Woman with a headset on holds up a small notebook where she has written in big letters, “Help.” She looks at us with a blank expression.TV gif. Jodie Comer as Villanelle on Killing Eve breathes onto the window of a car in motion, writing the word "help" with her finger in the fog.Tonight Show gif. In front of a blue curtain, Jimmy speaks to us stiffly with a blank stare. Text, "Help me!"Video gif. A woman stares at us with a big smile on her face. She rests her head on her hand and holds a mug that says, “Help me,” in her other hand. Please Help GIF by UFCMovie gif. Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire pleads, “help me help you.”Cartoon gif. Bugs Bunny pleads and then yells towards us, opening his mouth so wide that it fills the frame. Text, "We need your help."Movie gif. Kathryn Newton as Millie Kressler in Freaky shakes in fear and holds her hands up to her face as she screams, “help!”Movie gif. Dave Chappelle as Sir Smoke Alot from Half Baked clasps his hands in desperate prayer. Text, "Please God, if you!"TV gif. Paul Reubens as Pee Wee Herman on Pee Wee's Playhouse smiles happily as he holds out a piece of paper. It reads, "Help". Movie gif. Dave Chappelle as Sir Smoke Alot from Half Baked clasps his hands in desperate prayer. Text, "Please God, if you!"Cartoon gif. The puppet Gerbert puts his hands in a prayer position and presses it up to his forehead. He wails, "Please... get me out of this!"Exorcist Help GIF by THE EXORCIST: BELIEVERVideo gif. A frog puppet holds the receiver of a phone and says, “Help…” Then, he slumps to the floor.Clive Barker Help GIF by Arrow VideoMovie gif. Bill Murray as himself in Space Jam, wearing a basketball jersey, appears before a crowd in the background. He calmly asks, "Perhaps I could be of some assistance?"TV gif. Jonathan Frakes as William in Star Trek stands with his back to the wall and screams out for help. He seems to realize no help is coming and sinks to a crouch in defeat before weakly repeating his plea. Text, "Help me!"Sad Mental Health GIF by Anchor PointMovie gif. Simba from The Lion King stands in front of his father’s lifeless body. Simba sobs, tears streaming down his face with desperation as he yells, “help…somebody…anybody.” He looks over his shoulder at his father with guilt and worry of his father’s condition.Season 1 Help GIF by PBSIllustrated gif. Man wearing a suit of armor and sword holds a shield above his fallen friend and comrade, protecting him from the zap of lightning from above. The man on the floor has an expression of shock and the text reads, "I've got you covered!"
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