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Kawaii gif. An exuberant potato squints, then opens its eyes and arms wide as it blows a big kiss that sends several pink and purple hearts into the air. Text, "Air hug!"Valentines Day Hug GIF by TeletubbiesIllustrated gif. A person in red and a person in white embrace each other completely. Text, "I wish I could hug you."Video gif. A tabby cat looking into and reaching up toward a fisheye camera, as its face presses up to the lens.Cartoon gif. Two simple figures in a sweet embrace. One closes its eyes contently with a speech bubble that says, "Hugs."Illustration gif. A light gray figure takes a running start, flies, and lands on its friend, clinging tightly. The friend is smiling and a small heart appears in the air above them.Movie gif. A worried Sully from Monsters, Inc looks away from Boo as they hug.Text gif. Resembling an online loading screen, black handwritten text on a white background says "Sending virtual hug" with a cute smiling figure below. When the progress bar finishes loading, text appears, "Hug sent!"Illustrated gif. Line drawings of two dogs, one teal blue and one purple, show the teal dog hugging the purple dog warmly. Oscillating white text at the top reads, "Sending hugs!"Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog, arms wide, crosses his arms into a hug, howling "grrrr!" Text, "Big hug!"Cartoon gif. An orange puff with white eyes looks at a purple puff with glossy, downcast eyes. Orange puff hops over and goes in for a tight hug with purple puff who responds with a slight smile.The Office gif. Ed Helms as Andy gives a tender hug to an unemotive Craig Robinson as Darryl Philbin. Darryl remains still as Andy rests his head on his shoulder.Kawaii gif. A Chubbifrens cartoon cat hugs a friend, happy tears glistening in their eyes, a heart fluttering above their heads.Text gif. Text, “I owe you like, a Bazillion hugs.” The text for “a billion hugs’ bounces on screen. Hugs are surrounded by golden hearts.Digital art gif. Two hearts wrap their arms around each other and hug tenderly. Text, "Hugs."Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey leans over and hugs Ross, played by David Schwimmer, who is sitting at a table eating cereal.TV gif. The Golden Girls all bring it in for a group hug. Team on three! ...Or four.Digital art gif. Two puppy stuffed animals hug each other as stars flash around them. A glittering red heart rests over the puppies and text inside reads, "sending hugs."Cartoon gif. A green dinosaur girl with blonde hair, a pink bow, and pink sneakers. She reaches up to give a hug, wagging her tail like a dog, with a big grin on her face. As she reaches up, the text “Sending hugs!” appears then pops like a balloon. Kawaii gif. Gray cat with floppy ears plays on a smartphone. White cat runs up, flailing its arms, and then hugs the gray cat’s big head.Cartoon gif. The bear and Mackenzie from Animal Crackers hug on a floor. The bear asks, "Hug time?" and Mackenzie leaps into his arm and they snuggle closely. Muppets gif. Standing side by side, Animal and Kermit the Frog share a hug.Cartoon gif. Line drawn figure with a red heart on its chest holds its arms out next to text, "Sending virtual hug." Below this, a progress bar fills with gray above text, "loading... hug sent!" Then the figure with the red heart hugs another figure with empty eyes. The heart spreads to the other and it smiles.Text gif. A heart spins as it moves past city buildings toward us. Text, “sending hugs.”Happy Must Love Dogs GIF by Red and Howling
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