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Guess What Day It Is?!
Happy Wednesday!
Wednesday Work
Happy Wednesday

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Video gif. A camel's face superimposed with a human mouth says, "Guess what day it is?" The video zooms out on the camel as it bounces beneath text that reads, "Hump day!" Photo gif. A photo of a camel is edited to make it look like it's twitching its ears, nose and mouth. Curly white text reads, "Happy Humpday!"Cartoon gif. A green cucumber-like figure grins as the hump on the ground under it rises and falls. Rainbow text flashes, "Halfway there. Happy hump day."Movie gif. Addison Timlin as Stormy in Odd Thomas walks through a set of French doors while loading a gun and then glancing up. Text, "Is it hump day yet?"Day Shimmy GIFTV gif. In black and white, Wednesday Addams from the original Addams Family dances in her house. She has a happy, but concentrated look on her face as she does a little two step and wiggle of the arms. The rainbow flashing text at the bottom says, “Happy Wednesday!!” Movie gif. Ted the Teddy Bear in the movie Ted wears a red apron and stands on a check out counter. He humps the card reader and looks at someone smiling.Video gif. A sleepy white kitten in a gray necktie contentedly sways back and forth behind a computer desk with his eyes closed and his mouth drawn up in a smile. Steam rises off a cup of tea in a paw-print mug that reads "Kit-tea."Thrusting David Oyelowo GIF by Team CocoCartoon gif. A cartoon white dog, set against a pink and blue background, is startled by the appearance of a large lump beneath its feet. Text, "Happy Hump Day."ciara performing GIF by BET AwardsText gif. Peach glows with a neon sign effect as it totters behind text that reads, "Hump day."Digital art gif. A camel is standing in a desert and its hump shoots up, showing a  camera attached to the bottom of it.Illustrated gif. A black and white line drawing of a camel. Text, "Happy Wednesday."Video gif. A man in the driver's seat of a parked car holds a baby on his lap. A camel sticks its head through the window, and the man welcomes the camel's affection as it nuzzles his face.Video gif. It seems like there’s only one baby camel standing, but then the camel moves its head to scratch its side and reveals that there were two baby camels all along that are just standing right next to each other in the same position. Digital art gif. A sunset colored camel slowly chews and the text reads, "Hump Day."10 hours hump day GIFWildlife gif. A camel rests in the dirt on the ground and chews exaggeratedly with its lips circling and bottom teeth jutting out.Wildlife gif. A man tries to feed a camel through a fence but the camel whips his head through an opening and angrily tries to bite the man.Cartoon gif. A cartoon camel happily bobs his head with a huge smile while his hump bobs along. A pink ribbon reads "Happy Hump Day."Celebrity gif. A bandmate from Travis band falls over with his guitar and rolls onto his back.Video gif. Seventies-era footage of a man and woman demonstrating disco dancing, bending their knees and pumping their arms in unison. Text reads, "Wednesday."John Travolta Hump Day GIFVideo gif. Two small dogs stand next to a wall, one dog behind the other, appearing to hump the space between them.
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