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It Is Wednesday My Dudes Vine
Guess What Day It Is?!
Drink From The Bottle
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

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Video gif. A pug wearing glasses stares at us, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Text, “Happy Wednesday!”Reality TV gif. In a clip from Judge Jerry, we see Jerry on the bench in his robe, reading over a document. Text, "Can this be right? It's only Wednesday!" "Only" is in all caps.Movie gif. Amanda Seyfried as Karen in Mean Girls. She's sitting at a table and she happily says, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink."Text gif. The text starts out as a white outline and then different colors fill the letters. A ray of rainbow light glistens over the text and then all the letters flash. Text, “Wednesday.”TV gif. In black and white, Wednesday Addams from the original Addams Family dances in her house. She has a happy, but concentrated look on her face as she does a little two step and wiggle of the arms. The rainbow flashing text at the bottom says, “Happy Wednesday!!” Cartoon gif. A cat dances happily, waving his paws and bobbing his head from side to side and smiling. Text, "I am here to wish you happy Wednesday."Digital art gif. A man rides a bicycle up a very steep green hill and pauses at the peak before speeding downhill. Text on the hill reads, "Happy Wednesday."Video gif. A cup of black coffee sits on a table in the foreground while a man in the background stands on a stepstool, out of focus. The man jumps, and it looks as though the man is landing in the cup as the coffee splashes. Text: "Wednesday."Video gif. A sleepy white kitten in a gray necktie contentedly sways back and forth behind a computer desk with his eyes closed and his mouth drawn up in a smile. Steam rises off a cup of tea in a paw-print mug that reads "Kit-tea."The Simpsons gif. Edna Krabappel-Flanders walks dejected down the hallway and says "Oh lord, it's only Wednesday."Celebrity gif. A bandmate from Travis band falls over with his guitar and rolls onto his back.Video gif. Kendall Toole wears a Peloton halter top as she cycles and speaks into a headset microphone saying, "You know that Wednesday energy."Digital art gif. A green blob drags itself up one side of a triangle that has "Hump Day," written on it before face planting and sliding down the other side.Text gif. Against a light yellow background with a green floral design, the text "Wednesday" dances in a clean, painted typography, the letters flashing back and forth between bright colors.Illustrated gif. A black and white line drawing of a camel. Text, "Happy Wednesday."Text gif. We see a vista of a lake shining in the sun surrounded by a coast of pine trees. Text, "Have a cool Wednesday."Wacky Wednesday GIFAd gif. Ad for Geico. A camel is standing in an office and asks a woman, "Guess what today is?" The woman doesn't look up from her computer as she calmly replies, "It's hump day," and the camel says, "Whoop whoop!"Video game gif. Frog from Fall Guys crouches on all fours and smiles. Text, "It's Wednesday, my beans."Video gif. Seventies-era footage of a man and woman demonstrating disco dancing, bending their knees and pumping their arms in unison. Text reads, "Wednesday."Video gif. Troy Baker sits in an chair and flips his hands in a shrug as he turns his head and says, "It's Wednesday."Mean Girls Wednesday GIFSad Wednesday Morning GIF by Gus And SunnyIllustrated gif. A teddy bear holding a red balloon waves. Text, "Happy Wednesday!"Parks and Recreation. Nick Offerman as cleanshaven Ron points with finger guns jovially as he says, "Hump day, amirite buddy?" which appears as text.
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