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Thousands of Jewish Pilgrims Descend on Ukraine's Uman
Pilgrims Celebrate Jewish New Year in Ukraine Despite Travel Warnings
Hundreds of Protesters Calling for Ceasefire Arrested at Staged Sit-In in Oakland
Christmas Explained By Jews

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jews GIFMovie gif. Ben Stiller as David in Starsky and Hutch sports a disco look with oversized tortoise shell sunglasses, mutton chops, and a butterfly collar shirt. He looks to the side as he raises his eyebrows and utters, "Do it."Saturday Night Live Snl GIFText gif. Big golden letters stretch and gleam on a bright cerulean blue background, a teenage girl tipping out of the O and waving. Text, "Shalom."TV gif. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David weighs his options looking torn and shrugging as if he’s confused.Shabbat Shalom Snl GIFBen Stiller Model GIFMazel Tov Andy Samberg GIFemmy rossum good luck GIF by ShowtimeIndependence Day Usa GIF by Broad CityDigital art gif. Two smiling wine glasses full of red wine, clink together, bold white bubble letters zooming in shadowed by a trail of pink, reading, "L'chaim."Mel Brooks Jewish GIF by foxhorrorText gif. Baby blue dodecagram on a royal blue background jiggles with pride, reading, "I support my Jewish neighbors," a star of David in place of the O.Seth Rogen Jewish GIFText gif. Bold, stylized blue letters sparkle and gleam on a black background reading, "Stand with Jewish communities."TV gif. Fran Drescher as Fran Fine on The Nanny holds her hands up to her heart with a big smile on her face. She sighs like she’s gushing with excitement. TV gif. Larry David as Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm nods and smirks up at a man as he slowly backs away. Text, "okay."Text gif. 3D block letters in earthy blues and neutrals zoom in heroically, surrounded by stars of David, on a light blue background. Text, "Proud, Jewish, American."Confused Curb Your Enthusiasm GIFMel Brooks Falling GIFMatthew Broderick Jewish GIFGoldie Hawn Jewish GIFTV gif. Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld moves towards Elaine and George. He throws his head back and then settles with his hands on his hips. Text, "Oh! Right right right right right right right right."Movie gif. Ben Stiller as Derek in Zoolander raises his eyebrows in excited joy, smiles then waves off his friends in an "Awww shucks" gesture.Jon Stewart Laughing GIF
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