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Pointing Down
We Must Stop Y2K!
Thinking of  You
SeasonMusic Duty | 11 Ep. 20 | Vampire Disco Death Dance

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keyboard GIF by ELMØVideo gif. A cat sits at a table in front of a laptop, banging its little arms on the keyboard as if it were furiously typing.TV show gif. Tony Hale as Leon Wildes, the attorney who represented John Lennon and Yoko Ono in deportation proceedings sits at a desk at types with only his pointer fingers, singing as he taps away, not inspiring a lick of confidence. Caption reads, "Tippy tippy tap!"Paul Rudd Mike GIF by Friendskeyboard instrument GIF by Blobby BarackPlay Music Piano GIF by BLKBOKWorking Marine Life GIF by pikaolePlay Music Piano GIF by BLKBOKPlay Music Piano GIF by BLKBOKPiano Keyboard GIF by GIPHY Datingvideo art space GIF by Zita NagyWork Forget GIF by Lisa VertudachesSkeleton Keyboard GIF by BAIOHungry Fed Up GIF by Cole OttComputer Working GIFLeague Of Legends Lol GIF by HyperXhappy video art GIF by Zita NagyAnime gif. Chi from Chi's Sweet Home types on a keyboard with excitement, an open smile and wide eyes.Justin Bieber Keyboard GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYsmusic box keyboard GIF by Mina MirPerforming Ed Sheeran GIF by Billboard Music AwardsCartoon gif. A personified pink blob sits at a keyboard before being whisked off into space as twinkling stars and bulbous clouds rise up in the background. Text, "You're out of this world." Song Mirror GIF by Eternal FamilyTired Marine Life GIF by pikaoleKeyboard Axolotl GIF
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