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Big Idiots Having Little Idiots
Toddler Enjoys First Ride on Rollercoaster
Good Morning Starshine
Fluffy Malamute Accepts Hugs from Toddler

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Sponsored gif. Aubrey Plaza is at a pool party sitting in a patio chair with her legs crossed while holding a Mountain Dew Baja Blast in her right hand. Two kids on either side are smacking her on top of her head with pool noodles ruffling her hair. She couldn't care less as she looks down at us, raises her left hand nonchalantly and says, "Having a blast."School Kids GIF by Alex The AstronautExcited Kids GIF by The MenzingersVideo gif. A little boy pushes the button on a drinking fountain and closes his eyes as the water spurts out, spraying him in the face on and landing on his head.Confused Oscars 2016 GIF by The Academy AwardsVideo gif. A young girl snuggles in bed with her sleeping dog as she pets its head. Eventually she smiles at us, then reaches down to pet its neck.Video gif. Two children run down the stairs, Christmas morning. The young girl trips and flips all the way on her head, then back on her butt. The boy watches her fall.Work From Home Kids GIF by MOODMANway to go celebration GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals3D Playing GIF by BateNba All Star Dancing GIF by NBAVideo gif. Two small boys, about three or four years old, run to each other on a sidewalk, arms spread wide and embrace.Big Boy Running GIF by OutkastVideo Games 90S GIF by HuffPostSurprised Season 5 GIF by This Is UsSports gif. A little boy and three men sit in the audience at a stadium. They suddenly notice they're on the jumbotron and start waving their arms. The boy screams and throws an arm up, then starts dancing with his tongue out, and pulls up his shirt as he moves his hips. Kids Play GIFkids fail GIFKids Dancing GIFGary Coleman 80S GIFFour Wheel Kids GIFKids Yes GIFkids karate GIFPizza Lol GIF by America's Funniest Home VideosExcited Ice Cream GIF
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