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Season 9 Idk GIF by The OfficeTV gif. Appearing on Portlandia, Patton Oswalt raises his eyebrows and shrugs as if to say, “well…maybe.”Season 1 Football GIF by NFLWinona Ryder Movie GIF by filmeditorWho Knows Yes GIF by BounceKinda GIFJimmy Fallon Reaction GIFFred Armisen Snl GIF by Saturday Night LiveMovie gif. Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin in Django Unchained raises his eyebrows and smirks as if slightly impressed.  Video gif. Tiktoker Brittany Broski cringing in disgust after taking a sip of Kombucha, contorting her face into a big frown. She quickly changes her tune as she thinks for a moment, then she goes back to being disappointed saying, “no, no,” and then thinks again about the taste. She tilts her head and chuckles, saying, “well…”Christian Bale Idk GIFLeonardo Dicaprio Kinda GIFThe Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin Hannon shakes her head slowly, with a slight smile and a shrug, indicating "maybe."lisa simpson episode 3 GIFWe Tried To Not Leak On Our Period For A Week Creep Smile GIF by BuzzFeedMcr I Dont Love You GIF by My Chemical RomanceFuturama Ambivalence GIFwhere it gets social grace gummer GIFLettering Could Be GIF by Denyse®barack obama GIFTV gif. Wearing a labcoat with his name on it, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max from New Amsterdam rests his head on his hand and gives us a disappointed look.Movie gif. Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus from Gladiator doesn't look happy as he holds out his hand, but gradually looks calmer as he slowly gives us a thumbs up.Movie gif. Alicia Silverstone as Cher in Clueless squints one of her eyes and looks up, tilting her head as if saying she doesn’t know.SNL gif. Kate McKinnon, in black and white and dressed in 1800s-style clothes, grimaces and shrugs slightly, her eyes squinting. She moves her hand in a "whatever" motion, obviously concerned but willing to do nothing about it.Comedy Bang Bang Ifc GIF
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