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Movie gif. Denzel Washington places his palms over his heart, then leans back, shakes his head, and smiles.Movie gif. Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas in American Gangster looks away from us in amusement. Text, "My man."Movie gif. Ryan Reynolds, playing a masked Deadpool looks at us and says, “Oh, I'm touching myself tonight.”Movie gif. Mike Myers as Dr. Evil from Austin Powers pours some liquor onto the floor. Text, "And one for my homies."fate stay night saber GIFText gif. The word "my" floats in a purple liquid against a background of yellow printed pineapples.Movie gif. Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips and Sylvester Stallone as Rocky in Rocky III. Thunderlips has Rocky in the corner of the ring and he gives Rocky a huge knee to the gut, making Rocky bend over in pain.Anime gif. Eevee from Pokémon looks up with sparkles in its eyes and a large smile. Sparkles shimmer down onto the eevee.Noel Gallagher 90S GIFPokémon gif. Mega Charizard X fighting with Greninja, encircling Greninja with a blue moving forcefield.Anime gif. Two characters are chatting in the Pokémon game while a Pokémon jumps up and down next to them in a corner. Text, "Whitney: Waaah! Waaaaah! Snivel, hic. You meanie."TV gif. A young woman seems to be in the middle of eating something as she speaks to us with irritated surprise. Her red, shoulder-length hair is cut in a retro 60s style. Text, "What'd you say?"Movie gif. Amanda Stenberg as Rue from The Hunger Games smiles at someone sweetly while text in bold white font reads, "Too gentle."comic con photoset GIFDigital art gif. A screen recording of a cursor clicking on a screenshot of a French poem with the title "Hymne a la Beaute." Everywhere it clicks, a black circle with a number appears, and those areas of the text appear to explode.Movie gif. Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America stands shirtless, looking stunned. We then see an official military file that is stamped, “4F.”The Simpsons gif. We enter a dark, rainy graveyard as lightning flashes over the tombstones, which read, "I'm with Stupid," "A Buckminister Fuller," and "Drexell's Class."Celebrity gif. Zayn Malik licks his lips and pushes his microphone off to the side, then looks down.Video gif. A man twirls around with his arms up in the air. Pokemon gif. Pokemon black kyurem ascends into the night sky and generates a ball of blue lightning around itself. Pokemon gif. Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum and pokemon greninja mimics his gesture.Video gif. Hail falls in front of a white garage that has a lonely tree resting next to it.Music video gif. From Coldrain's video for No Escape, a man clings onto a chain-link fence, appearing desperate and screaming. Text, "There's no escape."Movie gif. We are peering over the shoulder of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, working on a kidlike crayon drawing of himself killing someone on a piece of paper; the victim says, "Ouchie!"Ad gif. Japanese celebrity Kamiko Goto holds up a pack of Oreos with Japanese packaging as she smiles and speaks to us.
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