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The Office gif. We zoom in on Steve Carell as Michael Scott, who grins as he gives us finger guns.Sports gif. Sérgio Oliveira smiles and runs in our direction with his finger pointed at us. Text, "You!"That Is You Season 5 GIF by Pee-wee HermanTV gif. Kenan Thompson in Kenan, seated, points both his index fingers across the room, as if he's emphasizing a point.Celebrity gif. Dancer and actor Derek Hough spins around quickly, his hair flopping around, before staring into our eyes and pointing at us. Cookie Monster Point GIF by Sesame StreetCelebrity gif. Rihanna on stage with her head tilted and her gaze focused straight at us. She slowly raises a hand and quickly points then flicks her finger back. Movie gif. Puss in Boots from Shrek sashays toward us while raising his eyebrows and making finger guns. Text, "You."Movie gif. Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem in Coming to America 2 smiles a big toothy grin at the camera as he laughs. He points his finger and wags it as if knowing what he’s laughing at is bad. Love You Heart GIF by NETFLIXCelebrity gif. Musician Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton pats his heart and points to the viewer in a gesture of love and respect. Magenta and yellow squiggly lines explode from his hand as he points. Sports gif. UFC fighter Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell points a stern finger at us.TV gif. Alex Trebek on Jeopardy looks directly at us and steps closer as he points at us with both hands. Video gif. A white man with curly, sandy blonde hair and a scruffy beard wears a striped shirt and dark brown sunglasses. He points a finger straight ahead, then nods and grins wide as animated stars twinkle behind him.TV gif. Ariana Grande in a sparkling black dress smiles and points with pride from her judge's seat on The Voice. Video gif. Donald Trump stands at a microphone between American flags and slowly lifts his pointer finger before gradually pointing it towards us.TV gif. A young man with long hair from Superstore dips his head and points forward as if choosing someone. Check This Out Look Here GIF by Sesame StreetCelebrity gif. Justin Bieber performs onstage, looks at us while saying something into the mic, then points at us.Video gif. Beneath multicolored lights on a low ceiling, a smiling young man makes finger guns to right of frame.Music video gif. From the video for "Corazon," Claudia Leitte wears a sparkly teal top and bends back, with her hair covering her face, pointing with her finger at us.Movie gif. Jamie Bell as Bernie in Rocketman. He closes his mouth and looks at the stage in joy, pointing a finger out in great pride and acknowledgement.TV gif. Wi Ha-joon as K from Bad and Crazy sits in an office chair, pleasantly surprised as he points at us. Text, "You!"Illustrated gif. The outline of a human profile is made out of chasing dashes. Inside the figure’s head are a thousand words flashing in large and small, all with the message, “you.”Reality TV gif. Ed Sheeran as a guest on The Voice, points and smiles at someone off screen with both hands.
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