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No Please God No
Um... No.
Uncle Roger sad now

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Video gif. A man wearing a red flannel holding a Busch beer holds up his pointer finger and shakes it around as if to say “no way.”Celebrity gif. Sitting in a car, an angry Tracy Morgan shakes his head vigorously and yells, “NOPE. NOPE. HMMMMM NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO HELL NO. NO! NO!”Video gif. A cat shaking its head.The Office No GIFGerman GIF by MouseCartoon gif. Chicken Bro hand drawn chicken with 1 eyebrow lifted wags a finger in the air and shakes its head side to side as its red wattle and comb sway in sync. Kawaii gif. A pink bunny with hearts in her ears has her eyes closed and a smug smirk on her face. She wags her finger in front of her.No Way Reaction GIFVideo gif. A monkey puppet raises his fists and shakes in anger and screams, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”Political gif. Jim Clyburn is at the 2020 State of the Union address and he's sitting in the audience. He looks down and shakes his head solemnly, disagreeing with whatever the speaker is saying.No Way Penguin GIF by Pudgy PenguinsCelebrity gif. Reggie Sergile, also known as the rapper Conceited, holds a red cup and is listening to someone speak. He looks skeptical as he looks at us and puckers his lips exaggeratedly, looking down and swinging his body around to take a step away in doubt.Glasses No GIF by nounish ⌐◨-◨Season 2 No GIF by MartinSchitt’s Creek gif. Emily Hampshire as Stevie shakes her head in disagreement and says, “nope.”Schoolhouse Rock Reaction GIFJurassic Park No GIFKawaii gif. A corgi squeezes its eyes shut and shakes its head holding a sign that says, “NO.”GIF by Zack KantorNo GIF by Playboy FragrancesMovie gif. Flames blaze behind Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter who looks disheveled as he shakes with anger and cries out, "Never!"Star Wars No GIFWildlife gif. A young seal makes a straight-mouthed awkward face and slides out of frame to escape the cringe. Star Wars No GIF by LEGOVideo gif. A little girl snacks on a cookie as she glares up at us and wags a finger as if saying no way.
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