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Movie gif. Sloth from Zootopia slowly lights up with a slow wide-eyed open mouth smile. Text, "OMG."The Office gif. Actor Steve Carell as Michael in The Office hangs his mouth open in happy shock and is blown back by surprise. Digital art gif. A tie dyed sock puppet with arms and pink hands and two colorful ponytails sprouting from its head. We zoom on its googly eyed face as it gasps. Sparkles fill the air in amazement. Text, “OMG!!!”Movie gif. Leonardo Dicaprio as Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street rolls his eyes while muttering something and then leans over to bite his fist in frustration. TV gif. Simon Cowell as host of X Factor cringes with his eyes closed, then covers his face with his hands. Movie gif. Eddie Murphy Sherman Klump of The Nutty Professor looks up wide-eyed in shocked surprise. The Office gif. We zoom in on a stunned Rainn Wilson as Dwight in a tuxedo. Dwight's blank expression does not change as he speaks. Text, "Oh my god."Friends gif. Maggie Wheeler as Janice from stands shocked, her hands both clutching her chest and her eyes wide with surprise. She says, “Oh. My. God.” pausing in between each word for dramatic effect. Video gif. Woman wearing curlers and sitting in an ornate high backed chair buries her head in her hand like she's disappointed or embarrassed for you.Oh My God Omg GIF by The OfficeReality TV gif. Kelly Rowland on the X Factor turns with wide eyes and a flabbergasted look on her face. Schitt's Creek gif. Dan Levy as David shakes in a panic as he shouts to bottom right of frame. Text, "Oh my god."Wildlife gif. A light brown monkey stands on a rock near a steaming pool of water. He gazes up with wide eyes, mouth hanging open like he's shocked at what he sees.TV gif. Kel Mitchell as Ed in Good Burger dressed for work. He looks to the side with attitude and leans back, wide eyes repeatedly blinking with great speed.Oh My God Yes GIF by CBCParks and Recreation gif. Chris Pratt as Andy lights up in excited surprise as he reacts to shocking news with his mouth agape.Dog What GIF by MOODMANSlam Dunk Wow GIF by NBAVideo gif. A chef from Hell's Kitchen tosses his head back and says, "Oh. My. God." while rolling his eyes so heavily that we can only see the whites of his eyes.Oh My God Omg GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersOh My God Omg GIF by InstacartWildlife gif. A white owl turns his head to look straight at us and has an expression of pure shock. Its eyes are wide and its mouth is open as if gasping.Video gif. A closeup on a Barbie doll with its hair up as its hands move to its mouth in "surprise".Text gif. In yellow capital letters against an orange background is the text, “OMG.”TV gif. Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay from iCarly is reeling from some serious drama, and fans herself as she takes a seat on a couch. A supportive friend sitting next to her fans her as well. Text, "Oh my god!"
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