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God's Bitch Slap
The Smell Is Awful
Church Muva praising the Lord

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preach GIF by Shalita GrantMovie gif. Tina Fey as Kate in Sisters holds a hand up to her face as she’s yelling. Text, “Can I get an AAAAAmen?”Preach John Stamos GIF by Fuller HousePreach Jennifer Lopez GIF by NBCPreach Seth Meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersPreach GIFVideo gif. Robert E Blackmon, a lifestyle expert, fans himself in a church and looks around to see if anyone else heard what he heard. Text, "Say it loud for the folks in overflow!"preach christina aguilera GIFHappy Season 4 GIF by The SimpsonsVideo gif. Among an applauding audience, a woman with her eyes closed puts her hands up in praise and claps.Preach Say It GIF by Grande DameJeremy Strong Yes GIF by SuccessionHBOReality TV gif. RuPaul, wearing a dark pinstripe suit over a red shirt, cocks his head and looks around. From under his mustache, he says, "Can I get an amen in here?" which also appears as text.Video gif. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, hosts of podcast called "Another Round" are hyped up and waving their arms in the air and saying, "Amen!"Video gif. A man wearing glasses, with his hair pulled back in a bun, nodding righteously. Text, "speak on it, sis."Antm24 Preach GIF by America's Next Top ModelCelebrity gif. Lizzo at the Grammys stands in the audience and nods seriously like she wholeheartedly agrees with something. TV gif. Reba McEntire as June in Young Sheldon. She sits in an armchair and looks gleeful as she announces with a shake of her head, "Amen sister!"TV gif. Musician Lizzo in a resplendent gown nods in agreement with a radiant smile and says "Preach!"Preach GIF by Harlemtruth preach GIFSeason 21 Reaction GIF by Law & Ordertruth preach GIFpreach GIFReality TV gif. Christina Aguilera on The Voice with her head down, smiling, and waving her hand in praise. Text, "preach!"
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