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What Did She Do That Was So Wrong?

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Sponsored gif. We zoom in on Gerald Downey seated in side profile in a red and black plaid shirt, holding a can of Busch Light beer on the table in front of him. He looks at us with a furrowed brow and confused expression as a single question mark appears next to him.Awkward Season 1 GIF by Nanalan'Question Mark Idk GIF by US National ArchivesJoe Trohman Question GIF by Fall Out BoyVideo gif. Pug sitting on a couch cocks its head left to right and back again. Question marks appear around it as it moves its head.Celebrity gif. Denzel Washington is being interviewed on a Red Carpet event. He looks away with tight lips and rubs his chin as he ponders the question he’s been asked.Cats What GIF by doodlesTV gif. Anthony Ramos as Mars on She's Gotta Have It looks at us quizzically, as pink question marks pop up around him.Celebrity gif. The Singer Her looks up with her hand on her hip and scratches her head with her other hand, a confused look on her face. Question marks move up and down like on conveyor belts in the background.Kawaii gif. A Corgi pops his head out from the side and its paws are under its chin. They look cutely confused and a blue question mark pops up next to it.Wondering Schitts Creek GIF by CBCPop Tv Question GIF by Schitt's CreekVideo gif. A fluffy husky puppy cocks his head to the side in an expression of playful confusion while blue question marks emanate from his head. Iron Man Question GIFMixed Martial Arts Sport GIF by UFCCelebrity gif. Mike Dirnt looks confused as he shrugs with his arms out to the side while question marks pop up around him.question mark lol GIF by Animals Facing LeftMeme Reaction GIFSeason 2 Pop GIF by Schitt's CreekVideo gif. Claudia from Pero Like, question marks dancing around her head, leans in, brows raised skeptically, squinting in disbelief.question mark GIFGIF by Paul McCartney3D What GIF by GIPHY Studios 2022Dog What GIFSeason 6 Nbc GIF by The Blacklist
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