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Michael Sprays Champagne
What an idiot
Happy Birthday!

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Martial Arts Reaction GIF by Arrow VideoVideo gif. Gigantic tan-colored teddy bear does a Fortnite dance in a kitchen, rocking his knees and flailing his arms.Celebrity gif. Jason Momoa looks at us with a warm smile as he forms his hands into a heart shape. He then places his hands under his chin before going back to forming the heart.Video gif. A small toddler with wild blonde, curly hair slumps sadly onto the side of a bed and lays her hand onto her arm, clearly sad and tired.Video gif. A black dog stares wide-eyed as if in surprised shock.Video gif. A toddler sits at a table with a cracker in her hands. She looks at us with a big excited smile and then grins while giving a big thumbs up. Text, “Thank you!”The Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin pops up from her seat and starts violently fist pumping the air and yelling out in immense excitement.Video gif. Close-up of a little girl in a car seat, looking quizzical and giving a side-eye as her eyes darting back and forth.Dance Dancing GIF by tv2norgeJean Claude Van Damme Reaction GIFVideo gif. Young girl in a pink turtleneck and a sparkling birthday cone hat is overcome with excitement at what appears to be a family birthday. A man yells something towards us behind her and, all of a sudden, she picks up a bowl of colorful balls and smashes it on the floor in front of her, raising her arms in the air like she's totally pumped about it. TV gif. Clip of Rainn Wilson as Dwight in "The Office" wearing an "Over the Hill" party hat and blowing on a noisemaker, giving a somewhat unsettling and overenthusiastic smile while holding a chocolate cupcake with a single unlit candle. Suddenly, Ed Helms as Andy bursts into frame, peeling around an open door with a big cheesy smile on his face. Video gif. A man outdoors, holding a fishing pole,  looks over his shoulder and a smile grows on his face. He then nods in approval. Movie gif. Actor Chow Yun-fat leans out of a doorway casually chewing while giving a cool, confident thumbs-up of approval.TV gif. Tim Robinson on "I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson" waves his head back awkwardly and sarcastically, as his eyes dart back and forthEric Cartman Wow GIF by South ParkGordon Ramsay Love GIF by GoogleVideo gif. A chubby baby is bouncing up and down from laughter. They slowly laugh and then fully crack up, looking around at everyone.Happy Spongebob Squarepants GIFDog What GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. A surprised Minion from Despicable Me turns away, lowers its arms, and looks around with a shout. Text, "What?!!"Video gif. A young child sits in contemplation, looking around as if he is pondering something important. Meme gif. The Jeremiah Johnson nod of approval meme: A slow zoom in on Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson, culminating in a smiling nod.Video gif. On a brick walkway with fallen leaves scattered around, a child in a red coat lies on her back and flails around in a tantrum.TV gif. Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty from That '70s Show laughing so hard that she doubles over.
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