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Celebrity gif. Rosanna Pansino points to herself as she glances to the side and says, "Same."TV gif. Tituss Burgess as Titus Andromedon on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt points at someone and then himself and finally motions a rainbow shape with his hands. As he says, “you. me. same.” The look on his face seems dumbfounded that the other person doesn't understand the truth. Video gif. Actor Gavin Free, wearing a black and white color-blocked t-shirt, says the word that appears as text, "samesies."Schitt's Creek gif. Annie Murphy as Alexis smiles as she looks over her shoulder on her way out the door, winking and makes a kissy face. Text, "Me too, girl." Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBCCelebrity gif. Olivia Munn on Late Night sits in the guest's chair. She raises her eyebrows, nods her head and says, "Same."Movie gif. Bill Murray as Phil from Groundhog Day looks away from right of frame to think, then lightly replies: Text, "Me, also."Celebrity gif. Juhan Jones looks over his shoulder with intensity, placing an open palm to his chest like he's surprised how much he agrees with you. Text, "Me too!"Reality TV gif. Khloe Kardashian sits in a mostly empty restaurant, surprised and uncomfortable with what she's just heard. She makes quick gestures between herself and someone offscreen, then holds up a palm to shut down the topic.TV gif. Maya Rudolph as June from Forever gives us a gentle smile as she says: Text, "Me too."Movie gif. Will Ferrell as Ron in Anchorman tilts his head skeptically then nods vigorously. Text, "Agreed."Celebrity gif. Against a blue gradient background, Debby Ryan nods and gestures to us in agreement. Text, "Same" (repeated once).Reality TV gif. Caelynn Miller-Keyes on The Bachelor swings on a canopy swing in a bathing suit. She looks down with her lips pressed in a line as if she’s embarrassed. She says, “same,” and looks up for a reaction.Movie gif. Actor James Franco as David in The Interview stands at a podium and delivers an international address. "Same" he says, while pointing. He waves his hand in front of his face and continues "But different..." before pointing again "But still same." Celebrity gif. Mariah Carey wears a festive red dress with Christmas decorations displayed behind her as she gently shakes her head as if in agreement. Text, "Same."Text gif. Elongated white script appears on a blue background. Script reads, "Same!"Celebrity gif. Chris Pratt nodding and smiling sideways. Text, "I have to say, I agree."Music video gif. Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds walks through a casino and reaches into the pocket of his red sport jacket. Text, "You're just the same as them."Meme gif. 60s cartoon Spider-Man points at another Spider-Man pointing back at him.Ditto Samesies GIF by Retro Future E-GirlSouth Park gif. Two South Park characters, standing on either side of an arcade darts game, say "Yep," and "Me too," simultaneously. Those words also appear as text on screen.Celebrity gif. Tyler, The Creator seated in front of a video screen showing an old arab man in the countryside, pats his hand down on the arm of his chair. Smoke comes out of his mouth as he says enthusiastically, "I feel you, bro!" which appears as text. Text gif. Patterned pastel letters dance across a black background amid dancing pastel motifs. Tex, "Same."Movie gif. Amanda Seyfried Karen Smith of Mean Girls happily nods and says "Samesies."Video gif. A woman holding an open book with one hand. She uses the other hand to stroke the page and sends us a thumbs up. Text, "You. Me. Same page!"
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