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Pedro el escamoso
That's a damn shame
don't buy it
Fart Sound

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Come On Wow GIF by BrownSugarAppFrustrated Here We Go GIF by Sesame StreetCelebrity gif. Will Smith, at the Academy Awards, shakes his head as tears roll down his face while accepting an award.TV gif. Hannah Simone as Cece from New Girl sits in the audience of a theater and brings her hand to her forehead as she closes her eyes in disbelief. Facepalm.Political gif. Jim Clyburn is at the 2020 State of the Union address and he's sitting in the audience. He looks down and shakes his head solemnly, disagreeing with whatever the speaker is saying.Sports gif. Steph Curry from The Golden State Warriors is sitting on the bench looking incredibly peeved. His mouth is in a grim line and he tightens his jaw as he shakes his head in disapproval while looking away.Celebrity gif. Steve Harvey shakes his head in incredible disbelief. His eyebrows are raised and his hand is at his lip, contemplating what has stunned him. Video gif. Singer Amine, against an orange-yellow background, slaps his hand over his face and shakes his head condescendingly.Celebrity gif. Big Boi shakes his head disapprovingly as he stands by a window between billowing curtains in the rain.TV gif. John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in The Office sits at his desk and looks directly at the camera with a dead, tired look on his face. He shakes his head disapprovingly. Celebrity gif. In front of a cityscape at night, 50 Cent shakes his head and turns away from us in disappointment.Movie gif. A younger Sylvester Stallone gives us his take on the classic facepalm.Celebrity gif. Michael Jordan stands in a jersey and shakes his head in disbelief.TV gif. Wendell Pierce as Bunk from The Wire staring at a man and shaking his head in disbelief as he walks away.Kermit The Frog No GIF by Muppet WikiMovie gif. Clint Eastwood as Walt in Gran Torino frowns with a look of disgust, shaking his head.TV gif. Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford in Sanford and Son shaking his head, passing a glance to Bubba, who then looks to Skillet, who then looks to Leroy, who leans back contemplatively.Sports gif. Larry Bird looks up and shakes his head, deeply frustrated.TV gif. An annoyed Wendy Williams looks left of frame as she shakes her head. She gives us a quick knowing look as if to say "can you believe what I have to put up with?", then takes a peaceful sip from a pink mug with her name on it.Celebrity gif. Musician Kanye West slowly shakes his head in a disapproving negative.Movie gif. Will Smith as Del in I, Robot stands on a city street and shakes his head in disgust before turning to walk away.Movie gif. Riding on a bus, Steve Martin shakes his head and sighs, but still looks fairly upbeat.Sesame Street gif. Elmo adamantly shakes his furry redhead "no."Dont Do That Smh GIF by HarlemJennifer Lopez Smh GIF
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