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That's So Raven - Visions
It's Your Birthday Coming Up
Songs that make you think.

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Oh No Omg GIF by Yeremia AdiciptaHelp Me No GIF by PatrickStarrrMike Tyson Mysteries Help GIF by Adult SwimSave Us Joel Mchale GIF by National Geographic TVText gif. Pink text on a yellow background. Text, “S.O.S.”Help Me Please GIF by Adult SwimHelp Me Swimming GIF by La Guarimba Film FestivalTV gif. Paul Reubens as Pee Wee Herman on Pee Wee's Playhouse smiles happily as he holds out a piece of paper. It reads, "Help". Frustrated Episode 8 GIF by PBSPray Help Me GIF by Damien WeighillSave Me GIF by Christopher Pindlingsos GIFChannel 9 Omg GIF by Married At First SightVideo gif. We see a tiny white dog in a pink handbag on the floor, while a person in a leopard print dress stands in the foreground. The handbag starts to tip over, and the person crouches to catch the dog. Text, "The struggle is real."Digital art gif. We see a cartoonish pink clay creature with a brown beret, red lips, a thin moustache, and one googly eye. The text "Lord help me" slides into frame as a larger faded image of the same creature is superimposed over itself.Crashing Do Something GIF by The Roku ChannelDiscovery Channel Help GIF by DiscoveryJimmy Fallon Help GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonComedy Central Wink GIF by Drunk HistoryParis Montreal GIF by Noé NoviantScreaming Jennifer Lawrence GIF by Sony PicturesFootball Help GIF by Atlas AcopianHow Are You Reaction GIF by CameoSeason 9 Help GIF by PBSsos screams GIF
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