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Late Night gif. TV host Seth Meyers grins as he pulls a bullhorn from under his desk then says into it, "Thank you."Digital art gif. A happy chubby cat prances up and down on its little legs as a pink heart beats above it. Cheerful text, "Thank you!"Text gif. White speech bubble with white sparkles around it, and flashing text inside. Text, “Thank you.”SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob stands in a blue speedo on a sandy floor, muscular, disproportionately massive pink arms repeatedly flexing to either side. When they flex, the muscles form into words, "Thank you."Cartoon gif. A smiling bean walks in place and tips its hat.Video gif. A cat sits on its haunches and holds its paws up in a gesture of gratitude. Text, “Thank You.”Celebrity gif. Chris Gethard standing in a city park with both hands over his chest, offering a heartfelt "thank you."Text gif. On a purple background, a pink glowing text that reads: “Thank you” flashes and repeats itself , almost like a waterfall of words until it reaches the bottom the text, “have a great day” appears.Celebrity gif. Shirley Temple covers her mouth with her little hand as she giggles. Text, “OMG thanks!”Text gif. A trippy rainbow effect bleeds across the words "Thank you".Celebrity gif. Against a solid pink background, Iliza Shlesinger takes an exaggerated bow. Text, "Thank you."Text gif. Handwritten, shaky lowercase black cursive text reads "thank you."TV gif. Eliot Loudermilk as Bobcat Goldthwait from Scrooged wearing large round glasses and a tuxedo, smiles as he speaks to us with a hint of timidity. Text, "Well, thank you sir."Text gif. Shiny, gold text on orange background says "thank you."Illustrated gif. Against a light blue background, a bunch of bananas with faces jump up and down happily, looking at another banana, which is lying on the ground and has been peeled, but is smiling nonetheless. Text, "thanks a bunch!"Text gif. Pulsing yellow, orange, blue, and pink text reads, "I'm so grateful for you! The chalky typeface expands and contracts in a steady rhythm against a black background. Movie gif. Bill Murray as Frank in Scrooged holds back tears as he nods gratefully. Text, "Thank you."Celebrity gif. Lady Gaga at the 2016 Oscars, sitting in audience and gesturing "thank you" with her hands.Celebrity gif. Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones wears a low cut, glittery black gown. She rushes towards a microphone on stage with an award in her hand. Text reads, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank..."Movie gif. A Jingle All the Way character in an elaborate villain costume complete with a helmet with a brain submerged in water nods with an appreciative smile. He says, “Hey, thank–thank you. Thank you.”The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute scrunches his face with emotion, then looks up as he says, "Thank you."Celebrity gif. Singers Chloe and Halle Bailey look at us, covering their mouths. They then release their hands from their mouths, cartoon hearts fly out, and they both say, “Thank you.” and smile widely with appreciation.Text gif. A flashing glittery background shines behind the text, "Thanks."TV gif. Lisa Kudrow as Valerie in the Comeback smiles and bows with palms together in namaste.Text gif. On a bubblegum pink background with white text flashing with turquoise and says, "Thank you!"
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