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Pretty Much Wasted
Dwight Challenges the Computer

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Video gif. A drunk man with droopy eyelids and lips flared open leans toward us as lights flash and a DJ plays in the background.Video gif. A blonde woman acting drunk with her mouth open and tongue out, trying to reach for a green straw.wasted GIFSnl Drinking GIF by Saturday Night LiveVideo gif. We fall alongside a closeup of a man's face who is clearly intoxicated, his eyes rolling around and his mouth hanging open.Video gif. A surveillance camera captures a man drunkenly walking down the sidewalk as he walks right into a light pole.Video gif. A drunk woman attempts to climb a palm tree but fails, first sliding down slowly and then falling backward on her head. She recovers, sitting up and sticking the landing.Video gifs. Compilation of drunk fails. First, a rude drunk guy tips over a pizza box someone is carrying. Another, a man biking tries to drink water and crashes the bike. The last, a woman falls backwards off a bench.Drunk Fall GIF by Digga Ddrunk hilary duff GIF by TV LandDrunk White Girl Wasted GIFReality TV gif. Brandi Glanville from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is being interviewed and she says matter of factly, "My goal is to be completely wasted so I don't even know what's happening."Drunk Darryl Philbin GIF by The OfficeDrunk Spring Break GIF by The Lonely Islandwasted gta GIFVideo gif. Skinny young woman shotgunning a beer, drunkenly loses her balance and falls one way, then the other, slumps into a pretzel shape, collapses onto her back legs akimbo, and finally, loses consciousness doubled over on the floor.drunk hangover GIF by WDRVideo gif. Videos in double and triple vision of a man drinking out of a bottle while giving the middle finger and a drunk person stumbling over the hood of a parked car have glitchy static overlays, and as they play, a gold and blue fancy emblem flashes and gets closer to us, white text reading “Wasted” on the emblem.white boy wasted GIFCartoon gif. The cartoon version of Lizzie McGuire is dazed and wobbly. Text, "Wasted."wasted squad GIFwasted bro GIFwasted baby GIFDrunk 4 20 GIF by MOODMANDrunk Fucked Up GIF
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