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Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump stands on a boat with a wide smile on his face. His eyes beam as he gazes ahead, raising a hand and waving energetically. TV gif. Elmo from Sesame Street excitingly waves his fuzzy arm with lots of energy and gives a huge smile to the camera.Hai Hello GIFVideo gif. A giant bear is sitting behind a gate and they see us. They look directly at us as they raise a paw and wave hello, very cutely and rather derpy. Cartoon gif. A blue bird with a long neck waves his little feathered fingers and grins.waving bye bye GIFTV gif. Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry has his hand on his hip and a wide smile on his face as he waves at us.Movie gif. Margot Robbie as Barbie drives a pink convertible through the driveway past a pink movie theater, looking very friendly as she smiles and waves with both hands at everyone she's passing on the street.Digital art gif. A brown and white corgi pops his head up cheerfully. He raises an adorable paw and waves.Video gif. Held in someone's arms, a tan and black pug sits sleepily. The person uses their hand to wave the pug's paw in a "Hello" motion. The pug is unbothered.Digital Art gif. Noodly white figure stands against a blue background, shifting his eyes from side to side, then lifting his arm to wave at us.Camila Cabello Hello GIF by The VoiceBayer 04 Hello GIF by Bayer 04 LeverkusenVideo gif. A humpback whale jumps out of the water and its fin waves in the air. Text, "Whale hello there!"Sports gif. Kyle Clifford wearing his LA Kings hockey jersey and a ball cap, sits in an arena, smiling and waving at us with three missing front teeth.Celebrity gif. Rihanna looks fierce as she smiles at us with half lidded eyes and closed lips and waves.waving home video GIFVideo gif. A little boy crying while waving goodbye.Harry Styles Hello GIF by The Late Late Show with James CordenTaraji P Henson Smile GIF by EmmysWhats Up Hello GIF by HockeyDiversityAllianceWaving Bye Bye GIFAnime gif. Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon cutely waves to us with a bright smile spread across her face and her eyes crinkling into crescent moons.Film Hello GIFTeen Titans Hello GIF
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