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TV gif. Jo Lo Truglio as Charles in Brooklyn Nine Nine spins around to face the camera wearing a marching band conductor's jacket and a top hat. He spreads his arms wide, as if to say, "ta-daaa!" Text, "Welcome!"Text gif. Yellow cursive text reads, "Welcome." The letters morph in a spiral that flashes and disintegrates. Then streaks of yellow appear from all sides and coalesce again.Movie gif. Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard looking down through broken glass, saying, "welcome to the party, pal."Celebrity gif. Hasan Minhaj on a ship at sea wears a captain's uniform and looks through binoculars. Turning around, he looks straight at us and smiles. Text appears, Welcome Aboard!"Video gif. Man in a striped jacket and reflective aviator glasses looks straight at us and executes a secret handshake with someone who is just off screen. Text, "Welcome to the club."Celebrity gif. From the stage of her show, confetti falls around Oprah Winfrey, who screams in excitement, holding her arms out to us. Text, “Welcome to the team!”Amfam GIF by American Family InsuranceMovie gif. Leonardo Dicaprio as Jordan, Jonah Hill as Donnie, and several other characters in Wolf of Wall Street sit around a meeting table, banging their fists in unison onto the table. They excitedly cheer together, “One of us! One of us!”Movie gif. Mike Myers as Dr. Evil from Austin Powers reaches out his arms, as if to welcome someone into a hug. Text, "Welcome."Cartoon gif. Benny from the Lego Movie is slowly floating up and he smiles and waves jovially while saying, "Hello!" without concern.Video gif. Reeda Saleem jumps forward with arms outstretched as she smiles enthusiastically and says, "Welcome!"Welcome To The Team GIF by MOODMANTonight Show gif. Jimmy Fallon as host stands in front of blue velvet stage curtains and faces his audience. He extends a hand in greeting, and turns to greet each section in turn saying "welcome" to each. Text. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.Video gif. A bus driver opens the glass double doors of a city bus and waves warmly at us. Text, "Welcome aboard."Movie gif. Nicholas Cage as a fictionalized version of himself in the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent touches palm to fist then bobs his head once like he's doing a bao quan in martial arts.Reality TV gif. Robbie WIlliams on the X Factor leans forward as he enunciates each word that appears one at a time. Text, "Thank god you arrived!"Cartoon gif. A chibi illustration of a whale spitting a sparkling combination of water and coins from its blowhole. Text, "Whalcome!"Happy First Day GIF by chris timmonsWelcome Aboard Episode 12 GIF by Soul TrainTV gif. David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. He says, "Welcome Aboard," while staring at someone with his head cocked upwards and his mouth in a thin line.TV gif. Actor Kristen Bell of The Good Place sweetly smiles and says "Come on in" while beckoning with her head.Julianne Moore May December GIF by NETFLIXText gif. Cursive white text on a black background, "Welcome."Cartoon gif. A mouse sweeps a mat that says, “Welcome” outside of a tiny door.Celebrity gif. Robert Downey, Jr. wears a white suit and holds a porcelain doll as his tilts his head and says, "Welcome."
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