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Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday
Cat Celebrates Her Birthday in Style
Happy Birthday Kittens
Happy Birthday GIFHappy Birthday Cat GIFHappy Birthday Cat GIF by Lisa VertudachesVideo gif. Fluffy white cat lays on its back batting its paws back and forth as it stares at us. Text, "Happy Birthday!'Cat Birthday GIFCat Celebrate GIF by truthhappy birthday cat GIFHappy Birthday GIFHappy Birthday GIF by MOODMANHappy Birthday Cat GIF by PusheenHappy Birthday Cat GIF by Alise AndersonHappy Birthday Cat GIFFeliz Cumple Happy Birthday GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosText gif. A rainbow filter slowly moves over a kitten and the text, "May all of your birthday wishes come true." Sparkles descend from a spiral unicorn horn on the kitten's head.Illustrated gif. A grey cat endlessly throws bites of cake into his mouth, chomping stoically.International Cat Day GIFHappy Birthday Party GIF by Internet Cat Video FestivalHappy Birthday Cat GIFHappy Birthday Cat GIF by markoHappy Birthday Cat GIFhappy birthday cat GIF by Cindy SuenInternational Cat Day GIFPhoto gif. Cat is sitting on a couch and staring at us and it's been edited to have confetti thrown around and a party hat on.Video gif. A group of partying cats dance with their paws in the air at a rave. A disco ball turns as cats nod their heads and tap their tails to the beat. A DJ cat scratches a record as lights strobe around him.Video gif. A cat is edited to look like a DJ scratching vinyl on turntables as other cats dance under party lights behind it.
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