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California Dance Club
Dance - Hrithik Roshan - Dhoom 2 - Audio Clip
Happy Birthday Dance
Dancing Girl

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Digital art gif. Animated Daffy Duck, Ariel, and Winnie the Pooh dance together in front of a graffitied wall. TV gif. In a scene from Soul Train, a smiling man with a moustache, big curly hair, and a cardigan tied around his shoulders spreads his arms in a cheerful dance against a solid orange background.The Office gif. (From left to right) Darryl, Kevin and Oscar dance around wildly in celebration.TV gif. In a clip from The Dude Perfect Show, we see a bar-like room with a pool table, where a person in a panda suit dances on a simulated putting green.Video gif. A man with a moustache, a backwards purple cap, purple tinted sunglasses, and a bright red-and-chartreuse polo shirt tilts his shoulders in a low-key dance.Digital art gif. An anatomical skeleton dances against a white background, first casually and then twerking.TV gif. Lamorne Morris as Winston in New Girl dancing in a bridal shop holding a bottle and a glassful of champagne with his eyes closed.Digital art gif. A small green alien dances the Roger Rabbit with its arms and legs pumping back and forth.Movie gif. Disco lights shine across onlooking Minions from Despicable Me as a serious Gru flaps his elbows for some unusual dance moves.TV gif. Betty White as Rose on Golden Girls dances around, shimmying her chest confidently, as people clap on the sidelines of the dance floor.Sports gif. A female Golden State Warriors fan, wearing a Warriors-themed Christmas sweater in the crowd, raises the roof and whips out an imaginary lasso, dancing wildly. We can only assume she's on the jumbotron, right?Movie gif. Jami Roquai as Napoleon Dynamite awkwardly gyrates and wiggles his hand up as he attempts to dance. His face is full of determination and he stamps his legs together, getting ready for another dance move.Seinfeld gif. Julia Louis Dreyfus as Elaine, Jason Alexander as George, and Jerry Seinfeld happily dance toward us, synchronistically.Jimmy Fallon Dance GIF by Saturday Night LiveCartoon gif. From the dancing scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas, it's two obscure side characters: a boy and a girl with some unusual dance moves.Cartoon gif. A chubby baby chicken has a hula skirt on and moves his hips back and forth while wiggling his wings in the air. He has rosy cheeks and a happy, satisfied look on his face.Sports gif. A little boy and three men sit in the audience at a stadium. They suddenly notice they're on the jumbotron and start waving their arms. The boy screams and throws an arm up, then starts dancing with his tongue out, and pulls up his shirt as he moves his hips. Celebrity gif. Nicki Minaj on American Idol, dancing in her seat. She looks hype, dancing with her arms up and does a chest pulse dance move. TV gif. A man with a mullet and a gray suit, dances on a show that looks like it's from the 1980s. He moves forward, jerking his bent arms and legs around awkwardly as he takes his time dancing in a circle.Movie gif. Leonardo Dicaprio as Jordan in Wolf of Wall Street dances awkwardly in front of a group of people.Video gif. A barefoot woman wearing a formal dress dances in celebration.Music video gif. Dressed as a bellhop in the video for "Holidae Inn," Snoop Dogg grooves and slinks his shoulders in crowded hallway.Friends gif. Courteney Cox as Monica dances awkwardly with stiff hips and arms. She has a concentrated look on her face as if she’s really focused on these bad dance moves.Digital art gif. A cat looks over its shoulder as it shakes its tail at us from a table set with a plate of fish.Cartoon gif. Créu Cat, a fluffy, white, cartoon cat, jams out in headphones and dances on an office chair.
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