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Hi guys!

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SpongeBob gif. Patrick stands and waves as he says, "Hi."Video gif. A fluffy white blanket rests near cozy pillows. Out from under the blanket, a downy white dog pops his head up and looks straight ahead. Black text reads, "Hi".Video gif. A young boy waves at us as he glances sideways and smiles sheepishly. Cookie Monster Hello GIF by Sesame StreetCartoon gif. Corgiyolk blinks, sticks out its tongue, and waves hello.Kawaii gif. A turtle with a yellow bow blows big kisses that send hearts fluttering into the air. Text, "Hi."Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump stands on a boat with a wide smile on his face. His eyes beam as he gazes ahead, raising a hand and waving energetically. Celebrity gif. We are seated in a car next to DJ Khaled as he smiles at us and waves. Text, "Hi."Text gif. Lower case text and small hearts flash an array of colors on a blue background. Text, "Hi you."Cartoon gif. A cute Welsh Corgi waves his paw hello. Text, “Hi.”Friends gif. Jennifer Aniston as Rachel sitting down, squinting and wrinkling her nose, and giving a flirty wave.Celebrity gif. Amy Poehler in character during a bit on the Conan O'Brien Show. She's wearing her hair in pigtails and has a headgear that's fully on display stretching across her wide smiling open mouth. She's bubbling over in excitement and waving at the audience members around her.Seinfeld gif. Jason Alexander as George peers into Jerry Seinfeld's peephole from outside of his apartment. He waves hello and offers a weak smile as he waits to be let in. Video gif. An adorable baby goat bounces through a grassy field happily towards us, stopping to look inquisitively. Text, “Hi.”Cartoon gif. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch lowers his long ears, squinting his eyes in an attempt to be friendly. He reaches his hand out like a baby would do to wave hello. He says, “Hi,” over pronouncing each syllable, and then gives a big sharp toothed grin.Digital art gif. A brown and white corgi pops his head up cheerfully. He raises an adorable paw and waves.Season 5 Hello GIF by Pee-wee HermanVideo gif. A giant bear is sitting behind a gate and they see us. They look directly at us as they raise a paw and wave hello, very cutely and rather derpy. The Simpsons gif. Ralph stands in front of turquoise lockers and gazes at us as he waves hello.Movie gif. Jim Carrey As Carl Allen in Yes Man has covered his face in clear packaging tape, smooshing his nose down and pulling his lip up to reveal all his top teeth. He waves nonchalantly. Digital art gif. A smiling handstands on tiny legs and waves as it juggles two eyes in its fingers above a dopey smile. Text, "Hi!"Cartoon gif. Timmy from Loof and Timmy peeks out from behind a brick wall with a smile. Text, "Hi."Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Forrest in Forrest Gump stands on a ship and smiles as he waves one hand with eager excitement. Text, "Hey!"Cartoon gif. The word "hi" is written on an off-white background in shiny, dark blue cursive. The top of the "H" has extended into a hand that's waving at us, and the dot of the "I" is a smiling face.Video gif. A tiny, adorable gray and white puppy stands on someone's leg and raises its little paw in a "hello" motion. Text, "Hi."
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