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Sports gif. Dwayne The Rock Johnson on WWE Smackdown snaps his arm up and holds his hand out signaling to stop. He wears blacked out sunglasses and a stone cold look on his face.The Office gif. Steve Carrell as Michael Scott looks serious and angry as he yells, "Stop it!" which appears as text.Video gif. Comedian Ko Joy stands on stage in front of a microphone and gestures with his right hand. Text, "Seriously... Stop."Video gif. A man standing next to a stop sign taps on the sign with an extendable teacher's pointer, indicating that he would like us to stop.Celebrity gif. At an awards show in the audience, Jonah Hill shakes his head and motions with his hand to his throat in a "cut it out" motion.TV gif. Nikki from Nikki Glaser's stand-up playfully waves us away, and says with a smile: Text, "Stop it!"Cartoon gif. On a rural road, two comic book villains stand near a rectangular opening in the road. A white hand the size of a two story building rises from the center of the opening with a red stop sign in its palm. Video gif. Woman looks at us with a pleading expression, holding up a sign that says, "Stop" in bold letters. Someone offscreen is fussing with her hair as another person in the background walks by to check her out.Stop It GIFAngry Harry Styles GIF by Amazon Prime VideoReality TV gif. Bachelorette Hannah Brown raises her hands in exasperation and adamantly says, "Please stop."Movie gif. Ben Stiller as Hal in Happy Gilmore brings his index finger to his mouth and across his neck in a threatening, silencing gesture. hold up stop GIF by PlayStationReality TV gif. Man on BladeSmiths nervously bites his nails as he says, “Don’t continue.”TV gif. In a baseball cap, Desus from Desus and Mero shakes his head and says, “No.” He then motions his hand as if to say, “Stop.”Tonight show gif. Jimmy Fallon shakes his head disappointedly and gestures widely with his hands while saying, “Not cool, dude. Not cool.”Cartoon gif. Melody from Fairfax is wearing a hooded robe and is kneeling in a dark, cult-like room. She's crying and gently dabbing her tears while holding a phone in the other hand.Cut It Out GIFMovie gif. David Harbour as Hellboy points a red finger towards us as he speaks over his shoulder. Text, "Stop it. Right now."Movie gif. Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He leans against a table and sarcastically says, "Stop. Don't. Come back."Stop It GIFReality TV gif. Evelyn Lozada on Basketball Wives tilts her head to the side and flashes her hands in front of her as she says, "stop," which appears as text.Sports gif. Andre the Giant in a wrestling ring holds out his hands in anticipation, cutting to different shots and angles as he shouts, “No," getting progressively more panicked.Celebrity gif. Kim Kardashian playfully looking at someone and saying "stop."Cut It Out No GIF by Agent M Loves Gifs
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