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Movie gif. John C. Reilly as Dale in Step Brothers nods his head dramatically and says, “yep!”The Office gif. Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly looks into the camera during a confessional. She mouths the word that appears as text, "Yup."Video gif. A man wearing glasses and a denim collared shirt purses his lips and nods his head decisively.Oscars 2024 GIF. Jodie Foster, seated at the Oscars, nods in emphatic admission, reiterating, “It’s true.”Cartoon gif. Nibbles the mouse from Tom and Jerry, wearing a diaper, nods happily and vigorously as if to say, "Oh yeah!"Movie gif. Adam Sandler in Billy Madison stares straight at us and gives a firm nod of the head with a tight smug frown on his face.Movie gif. A bewildered, pink-cheeked Hank Johnston as Gunther in Dennis the Menace with a bowl cut stares at us to say: Text, "Yup."Season 3 Nbc GIF by Law & OrderTV gif. Tyler Labine as Kevin Pacalioglu on Deadbeat sits in a chair in a robe. He holds a jar of peanut butter and a butter knife. He nods and winks as he chews on peanut butter. Uh Huh Yep GIF by JustinCelebrity gif. Megan Thee Stallion laughs as she tosses her hands over her shoulders. She points a bedazzled finger to the air with a wide smile. Text, "You know!"TV gif. Lauren Graham as Joan on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has her arms crossed. She nods and smirks proudly. Celebrity gif. In the audience at the Tony Awards, Lin Manuel Miranda applauds enthusiastically and says, “that’s right.”Video gif. A LEGO character that looks like Tom Selleck bobs its head up and down. Maybe Magnum P.I. is listening to a bop?TV gif. David Eigenberg as Christopher in Chicago Fire bites his lip and nods his head in agreement as he holds back tears. TV gif. Jada Pinkett Smith on the Red Table Talk nods her head and gives an expression that signals that she very much agrees with what she just heard. Video gif. A man wearing glasses, with his hair pulled back in a bun, nodding righteously. Text, "speak on it, sis."Woman Nod GIF by Megan Thee StallionYes GIF by EmmysMovie gif. Pedro Pascal as Javi in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent puts his closed fist to his flat palm and nods.Celebrity gif. Idris Elba is sitting in the audience and he gives us a big thumbs up and a wink before turning to look back at the stage.TV gif. Kellie Shanygne Williams as Laura from Family Matters holds a large chemistry beaker and nods, eyes wide and startled. Michelle Thomas as Myra looks at her, confused.TV gif. Martha Stewart on Comedy Central Roasts nods with a smile, her fingers to her mouth. She looks at someone off screen and raises her eyebrows slightly in a knowing nod and grin, and then turns her gaze the other direction. Celebrity gif. Sally Kohn on CNN nods with a slight grin, as if to say, "yup."Celebrity gif. Katie Molinaro stands in front of a pink cloud background and looks eager while pointing at us with both hands and saying, "Yes!"
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